Hi Folks,

[b]1. [/b] Is there any "table" concept in adabas as it is there in db2? Because i read somewhere that option 'R' in adabas online system menu can be used to view table of database files. Here we dont have access to open AOS?

2. How i can create FDT and view it?

   [b]3.[/b] What is a 'VIEW' in adabas? how to create or define the 'view' and how i can view this 'view'?

  [b] 4.[/b] What is the difference between 'DDM',  'FDT' and 'VIEW'?

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I read this four question also in the open Systems forum… :shock: What’s your operating system?

Hi Matthias…

Yup…I posted the same question in open systems forum. It’s Z/OS…

Since Z/OS is not an Open System, this documentation is suitable for your second question:

Thanks a lot for your time…