Adabas online services API's

SYSAOS is helpful if you want to actively monitor your Adabas databases. I would much rather have an automated approach to monitoring my databases. Are there any API’s for SYSAOS?

You can use Adabas Statistics Facility (ASF). It monitors many KPIs related to Adabas (databases and files). It is a mainframe tool with mainframe (character) interface.
Or you can use Optimize for Infrastructure (O4I). It monitors most Adabas/Natural products and runs on the browser. For Adabas, it monitors the most important KPIs (mainly databases).
And yes, there are interfaces but only internal (for SAG). These interfaces are used by ASF and O4I.

Good day Lukas

You are correct however these products are cost options and is not available to us. I won’t be able to motivate / justify these expenses as we have SYSAOS and can actively monitor.

Coming from an application environment where I wrote many PAC API programs I hoped API’s for SYSAOS were made available. So it is back to reading ADAREP’s and the ADABAS SPOOL data.

Thank you.

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