ADABAS on Hitachi MF - How to analyze the code?

Dear experts,

I’m coming with an SAP background to this place and have no experience working with ADABAS.

My customer in Japan works with a Hitachi mainframe that uses ADABAS as the database system. It is planned to transition the applications gradually from the MF to SAP.

However, they and we don’t understand how the much interlinked the applications are. Some suspect that e.g. Application “A” is writing data to a table that is used by application “B”. This would be however important to understand where to cut when transitioning gradually to SAP (no big-bang).

I’m wondering: Is there a central approach to run a trace or an analysis on ADABAS to collect all statements submitted to the database within a certain timeframe? We could then use this file to carry out analysis.

So it could look like:

The experts said every program must be adjusted to allow for such a data collection which would be a massive job to do.

Kind regards,

Adabas simply responds to requests to retrieve, store, or update data. A request does identify the calling program.

An add-on product, Adabas Review, might be able to provide what you need. See CALLPGM in

  • ADABAS Review
  • ADABAS Review Reference
  • Field Reference
  • Fields Available for Client Reports