Adabas, Jdbc Connexion

Hi All,

I try to connect to an adabas database locally, but I have the following error : “UNKNOWN USER NAME/PASSWORD COMBINATION”. Can anyone tell me if ther is an error on the programme ?

Thank you in advance,

public static void main(String argv) {
System.out.println(“*** debut de traitement ***”);
new connexion().connect();

public void connect(){
try {
Class.forName(“de.sag.jdbc.adabasd.ADriver”);//pour adabas
java.sql.DriverManager.getConnection(“jdbc:adabasd://”,“control”, “adabas”);
System.out.println(“connexion etablie”);

   CallableStatement st=null;

catch(ClassNotFoundException e) {
System.err.println("Driver non charg

that is simple! You need to put in uppercase the username and password, or one of them is wrong!