Adabas is Relational database?

Adabas Community for Windows is relational?


from what I read it to mainfram is relational, correct?

if windows is not relational it would be what kind?

No, there is no difference between the mainframe and LUW (Linux/Unix/Windows) versions.

See the description in wikipedia

I work with HPUX and LINUX
dumb terminals via the character
with cobol.

mainframe environments work is the same thing even today?

I don’t really understand the question, are you still talking about Adabas now ???

Mainframe terminals are “dumb” by architecture, but for many mainframe software
systems you will find GUI frontends (so you will for Adabas - Adabas Manager),
or GUI extensions to the programming language (for example Natural for Ajax)

Sorry my understand question.

I understand your informations.

In mainframe can work with GUI frontends about many softwares.