ADABAS COBOL sample under UNIX

I would like to know if someone of you have any idea about how access ADABAS with Cobol program on UNIX platform. May be all of you think about Natural so the problem is that the customer will migrate a Cobol/ADABAS application from his Mainframe to an UNIX box.

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Is the customer currently using COBOL/ADABAS on the mainframe? If so, what access method are they using now? Which COBOL are they using on UNIX?

Direct calls are always available, but usually not a preferred choice due to the programming complexity. Adabas SQL Gateway might be one option to look at.

Yes, the customer currently is using COBOL/ADABAS in Mainframe. I think the customer is using ADABAS SQL NATIVE to access ADABAS from COBOL. I think they don’t have Cobol on UNIX, yet. They want we will recommend it.


I second that Osman