[ADA.680.1000] Input field: JMSDestination cannot be null or

Hi gurus,

when i am trying to post the msg to queue in webLogic (jms provider) using jms adapter.

for that i am using 2 adapterservices

    1. MessageProducer    and       2. DoucmentToTextMessage

using those two adapterservice in my flowservice to send messages.

ofter run this flow service it give like this error

[ADA.680.1000] Input field: JMSDestination cannot be null or empty

   for that i am done required mappings, but i don't  know how to map the  input parameter in messageProducer i.e JMSDestination(object data).

can anyone help me to outof this problem.

thanks in advance,

Hi Venkat,

create a String entry in the Pipeline containing the QueueLookUpName of the Destination and map this to the object input.

It is nasty, but it works.
You cannot directly set a value for the object input.


Hi Holger,

       i am tried like that and i got the result.