[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement

I have created a java service to upsert an array of data. actitvity_id is being created while preparing sql stmt but it is still giving me below error.

[ADA.1.316] Cannot execute the SQL statement "
(42703/0) Batch entry 0 insert into stg_sef_package_names (activityId, language, rowId, comment, freeText) values (1,‘D’,1,‘M1 REMONTAGE RT MI’,‘o.k.’) on conflict (activityId, language, rowId) do update set comment = excluded.comment, freeText = excluded.freeText was aborted: ERROR: column “activityid” of relation “stg_sef_package_names” does not exist
Position: 60 Call getNextException to see other errors in the batch.

Any clues, what this error and how i can resolve it?


Hi Prachi,

please provide some more data about your environment:
webMethods version
JDBC Adapter version
Database type (Oracle, SQL Server, …)

Can you provide the table definition?

Additional question:
Why using Java Service here, and not an adapter service directly?
Error Message indicates that it comes from the Adapter Runtime.


This basically means that stg_sef_package_names doesn’t have the column “ActivityId”, can you check if the table structure was altered after the adapter created?