Actual Reading is not generating for rule instance in the Optimize for Infrastructure

Hi All,
Optimize for Infrastructure is configured to MywebMethodserver.We have defined the ruleinstances for the built in rules (Like “Integration Server Failure Status”,Integration Server Used Memory Too Big , ART connection Failure status … so on) in the Optimize for Infrastructure.

Recently we did not find that the “Actual Reading” was not generating for the rule instance(Integration Server Failure Status) on a Specific server xyz.But in other rules has defined for that server XYZ generates the Actual Reading. To resolve this issue, we have restarted the Integration server xyz also in prod environment and issue still exists. Can you please advice, how to fix this Issue.
Thanks In advance.

Hi All

I have Identified the resoultion for the issue of Actual Reading not generating for the Rule instance Integration Server Failure Status in the Optimize for Infrastructure.




Go to Administration->Analytics–>Monitored Components-> Monitored Components. Under Type–> Click on Integration Server,
under the Integration Server type, I did not find the below host details in the list of Added components for the Integration Server Type

com.wm.isextdc.IntegrationServer: host=
com.wm.isextdc.IntegrationServer: host=

After adding the Details, Actual Reading is generating for those missing rule instance (Integration Server Failure Status) on XYZ:5555 and XYZ:6666 servers.

2. Last but not least point, We have to cross check whether the IS instances XYZ:5555 and XYZ:6666 conected to the Infrastructure Datacollector(Administration->Analytics–>Discovery and Administration->Analytics–>Assets), otherwise Infrastructure Datacollector will not get any data from the IS instances.