Activity Logs in MWS

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In MWS we have section for “activity messages” and “Logged fields” for individual logged service. How we can add custom message in these two section . Is there any methods available which we can extends for this two activity?
For “Logged fields” we can select some fields from service input which it will be logging here, but if we want to log at the mid of service execution then how can this be achieved.

Baharul Islam

Isn’t it pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages?

But this activity log is for process model related. I am looking for Flow service activityLog.

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Yes you are correct . Using “pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages” from flow service step we can log activity messages in flow services but not sure if this will be working where process-model is not configured .

Any idea from where we can log logged fields using key-value pair?


as per “Administering Process Engine” Guide the pub.prt.log:logActivityMessages can be used for both types, processes and services.
Additionally you should check for the services Audit Log settings in the properties of the service.


Hi Holger,

I am looking for “logged fields” in section as shown in attachment. Because if we can log some fields here we can search using those keys which is useful to tracking transaction during monitoring.

Baharul Islam

Its not allowing me to attached file. Please find attachment here


Any one having any thought on this?

I am not clear what exactly you are looking for, can you check the attached screen shot and this is what you are behind?

Hi Mahesh,

I am looking for this logged filed section.How we can log here from the mid of service flow.

Baharul Islam

There is a way to do this and screen shot shows the same where I populated the key-value in the logged fields in the middle of a service.

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