Active-Passive Cluster 10.3 - Realm Lock file could not be found !


As part of the documentation, to create the active-passive cluster it is required to have a shared folder that will store the Data Directory of both UM nodes.
When I change the opt/softwareag/UniversalMessaging/server/umserver1/bin/Server_Common.conf file to use the shared folder data directory path, DDATADIR,“-DDATADIR=/share/umSharedStorage” I have noted that I am not able to stop the UM.
Whenever I try to stop UM by link folder or nstopserver command directly, it gives the message “Realm Lock file could not be found ! Is the realm really running ?”. It seems UM don’t know that the Realm Lock file is now present on the shared folder.
Is there any missing step/configuration that must be done?

Best Regards,
David Pereira