Active Directory

Hi all,

I am new to webMethods Portal 6.1.5, and have a few basic questions:

I am attempting to manage and configure the user/group information from MS Active Directory
and use AD credentials to authenticate to webMethods Portal (Directory Service Administration Portlet).
I have followed all instructions in the white paper(PortalAdminGuide.pdf) on this.
The current status is that ldapBrowserTool is able to manage and configure user/group
information from AD. but in the Directory Service Administration portlet’s screen,
I click the Tools menu from the Directory Service Administration portlet and
then click “Resynch Directory Metadata”. But after done this, It can not re-synch the
directory data that is storedin the portal database with the underlying user directory.
and I can’t log on to the portal with the username/password that is stored in the AD.
I am always getting a similarity of error:
2004-08-19 11:16:18 CST (Framework : FATAL) [RID:30] - [POP.004.0090] Unable to
lookup user lyl_111

I wonder if the webMethods Portal can really support the Active Directory.

I would really appreciate if somebody can help me out.

ZuSun luo

Hello ZuSun. Could you please post this question on the webMethods’ Portal Forum site. That site is being actively monitored by the webMethods Portal team, while this site isn’t (yet.)

It is at