ACLs to services

I have a service, to which I set ACL to Anonymous. I archive the package and install it on another sever. I expect the ACLs to be retained by the services, but the ACL for the service on the new server is being set to Default. I have to manually set the ACLs again for services on the new server.This is going to be a big issue while migrating.

The IS Administrative guide, does not tell anything about ACL migration across different servers.

How can I migrate the ACLs, across diferrent servers, without manully setting them on each server after installation/deployment. 


If your using wM601 use the Publishing & Subscribing options under the Packages Section of the IS Administrator to promote packages to a new IS.

If your using wM61 i guess Deployer shld solve the problem.

Hi Brain,
This issue has been discussed before. Please check the following link; if you still have any question, please let us know.


As Vijay suggested, look at the deployer solution;
If you want to automate this, you would be looking at developing some custom solution yourself based on specific needs of yours;