Cloud Deployment :: On-premise ACLs to Cloud Access Profile Mapping

1. Introduction

This document is steps to communicate ACL’s present in Integration server to communicate access profiles in CD.

2. Add groups to ACL’s

Things to do on-prem:

Login to IS and navigate to security -> ACL’s, it will list down all ACL’s in the dropdown.

Pick the KSUTestACL from the list and click on Add

After clicking on Add select the Role Administrator and Save changes.

Deploy these ACL’s to cloud using the designer.

Solution Name: KSUTest (Solution created in cloud deployment before)

Things to do in Cloud:

Verify the ACL’s are migrated to cloud by navigating to Solutions -> Click on KSUTest and then Manage-> Administration -> Security -> ACLs

Select the KSUTest ACL and verify it has Administrator Role.

Add group to access profile:

Navigate to access profile by clicking on gear icon and clicking on Access Profiles.

Select the access profile eg: test and Edit and under Solution Permissions

Provide the Administrator next to Solution (shown above) click Apply.