ACLs not getting transferred


I created a custom ACL for a utility, so as to assign execute rights to a certain users belonging to this custom ACL.
Example: I have created an ACL “MyOwnACL”, now I have a certain service “xyz” whose execute ACL I have assigned to “MyOwnACL”.
But when I deploy the package containing this service to another IS, the execute ACL that I assigned does not persist. Even though I have created the ACL on the other IS also.

Can anyone please help regarding this?

Thanks in advance,
Sudarshan Vyas

ACLs are server specific and will not get transferred if you export package from one server and deploy to other. If you want ACLs to be transferred with your package, Please use Deployer tool which can migrate these server specific configuration.

Hi Sudarshan,

Being inline to the comment posted by ajay naina,whenever you have ACLs associated with ur custom packages migrate the ACLs first and then the services associated with them.The ACLs are server specific and tend to work within a server boundary.When the packages are migrated to another IS,ur service will look for the defined ACL at the target server.
This is simple and handy.The Deployer is a good tool to work with migrations.:slight_smile: