Accessing SAP BAPIs through JCO and Java Object Gateway

Hi all,

I need to access to a SAP system from EntireX Mediator without using the SAP Gateway. To acomplish it, we will use the Java Object Gateway and the JCo (JavaConnector) to connect to SAP BAPIs.

Has anybody worked with these pieces together? Has anybody idea about its efficiency or stability?

Best regards,

I do not think anyone has done this so you are treading on new ground.

After reading over the JCO documentation I would make a suggestion though. Instead of creating a single custom component, you should probably split the functionality into at least 2. One to create the connection object and the second for accessing the BAPIs via that connection.

We would also love to see the finished product here in the community :lol:

Please keep us updated.

Hi Matthew,

I appreciate your suggestion. That’s just the way we have designed it: An initial JavaObjectGW for establishing the connection and another JavaObjectGW for each call to the BAPI.

I tried it yesterday in the customer environment and it worked properly :o .