Accessing pdf file which containes drawings

I want to Access *.pdf files from drawing file server(CAD drawings) and read the content and send it to the EDI.More over i want to check the content of the file(drawings) and validate it accordingly.
Please give me a solution how to deal with this drawing file access.In which formatt i have to convert it.Has any body done this before,please let me know ASAP.


Check this thread link to get an idea,

thanks for u r information

after i get the PDF i have to convert it in to XML file and send it to the Target via HTTPS.Could u please suggest some help for how to accomplish that.

I haven’t seen any tools that will “parse” or convert a PDF to XML files that are free. You can check a company called ITEM FIELD. They seem to have a nice collection of webMethods translators.

There’s plenty of tools to convert text to PDF. If you look there, maybe you’ll find what you are looking for.



yes is the best resource that you can make use of their webMethods based translator which makes your task accomplished,ofcourse may be some money matters involved in this deal.just find out.

There is a serious echo in my head… DOH!

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Anyway, you also might want to check

If you can handle the reading of PDF, the writing is a non-issue.