Receive and process a PDF file?

Hello All,

I was wondering if it is possible to receive and PDF file into wm. Could it then be parsed into a record list? Thanks for any info that you could provide.


Data in PDF files is typically non-structured. What is the structure of the PDF file you are considering? In general, I think this is a bad idea, but it might be technically feasible (if not advisable).


Right now I don’t know what the structure will be. We’re just doing an initial feasibilty study to see if we can process a PDF without having to manually touch it first.

There are some Java libraries available that can work with PDF files. You could use these within Integration Server, exposing services to retrieve data from a PDF and then map/process that data as needed. Do a search on the 'net for available tools and pick one that looks to fill the need you have.

I’ll reiterate Mark’s caution: this will likely be a fragile solution, highly susceptible to breaking due to even minor changes in the PDF. You’d be wise to explore other alternatives first.