Accessing IS cache from API Gateway

Hi All,
I have a requirement where I have to store a token value in IS cache and retrieve that value for further API calls. I have a total of 4 APIs, where the 1st Token API call is present in gateway IS and other API calls are present in ESB server.
In the Token API call, i am storing the token in gateway IS cache. So for the subsequent API calls, I need a way to retrieve the cached value in API gateway so that i can pass it to ESB server in routing.

Please help on this. Thanks in advance.

I’ve once implemented the more or less the same thing.

I presume that you are using a Flow service invoked through a request processing policy? You can use the same or another Flow service to “inject” the cached token into the appropriate HTTP header for the downstream backend call.

Are you using the pub.cache:put service to store the token? If so, you can retrieve it with pub.cache:get,


Thanks for your response!

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