Accessing global variable

Hi All,

Kindly help me to resolve the below scenario.

This is my scenario,

Service A will be hit by N users,It will form the InputType based on request.

Service A contains three different services(Service B ,Service C,Service D).

Service B,C will be invoked by publish and wait. Service D will be invoked directly but all the services are called by different input parameter.

I want to log all the services(ServiceA,B,C,D) in DB when it is started and ended with same InputType formed in ServiceA.

For example,

Service A InputType1 16-03-15 01:00:00 16-03-15 01:05:00
Service B InputType1 16-03-15 01:02:00 16-03-15 01:03:00
Service C InputType1 16-03-15 01:03:00 16-03-15 01:03:55
Service D InputType1 16-03-15 01:04:00 16-03-15 01:04:45

THanks in advance.