Access to CDH from Power BI


I am trying to connect to Cumulocity Data Hub on eu-latest instance from Power BI to create reports.

When configuring access to a dremio source in PBI I get error ODBC driver missing. Apparently the only available drivers from Drivers | Dremio are the Arrow Flight SQl which works only for Dremio v22.0+

While CDH runs Dremio 19.3.

Any suggestions how to make this working?



Hi Mauro,
sorry to hear that you’ve run into this problem. Dremio has unfortunately pulled the “legacy” ODBC driver from their Website and, as you say, the new driver only works with Dremio 22+ which we haven’t adopted yet in the product.
There’s two ways to get access to the legacy driver:
(1) SAG-employees: it is available in Sharepoint, I’ll send you the link
(2) Customers: please open a support ticket

Thanks, Tim


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