Power BI generated query throws illegalArgumentException on Dremio

Product/components used and version/fix level:

tenant_id.cumulocity.com UI 10.17; Backend 10.17
Dremio. 19.11.2

Detailed explanation of the problem:

I want to explore my offloaded data using Power BI.
Therefore i used the Power BI download on Dremio which downloads a file like (1).
In Power BI Query Editor of Power BI Desktop it seems fine and i can see a table with the data.
When i want to add the Data to a Graph i get an exception “java.lang.illegalArgumentException … is not Parquet file (too small)” (2).

For debugging tried to execute the generated query directly in dremio which gave me the same exception (3). (How can i access the log files?)

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

(1) dremio download:

  "connections" : [ {
    "options" : { },
    "mode" : "DirectQuery",
    "details" : {
      "address" : {
        "server" : "datahub.cumulocity.com:31010",
        "schema" : "tenant_id.DataLake.storagecontainer01.tenant_id",
        "object" : "measurements_CO2Values"
      "protocol" : "dremio"
  } ],
  "version" : "0.1"

(2) Error in Power BI:

(3) Error in Dremio:

apparently there’s a broken Parquet file in the table.
Please raise a support request to get this fixed.

Thanks, Tim