The Power BI widget will only be visible if you have the "Datahub Reader" role assigned

**Product components : Cumulocity IOT Emea , Power Bi Widget & Datahub & Dremio ** used and Last version level:

Detailed explanation of the problem:

Our database is sourced from real-time data streaming into Cumulocity IoT. However, due to some reasons, we are transferring our database from the operational store of Cumulocity to Azure. We are using Dremio, a SQL engine, to query and visualize our data in Power BI’s direct query mode. Everything is working fine until we encounter an issue when using the Power BI widget in Cumulocity. After publishing the report, only users with the “datahub read” role can see the content of the Power BI widget.
This is not ideal as our customers should not be able to see the tenant ID. Can you please provide assistance?

Error messages / full error message screenshot / log file:

Although I attempted to add the “Datahub Reader” permission to my customized role, the Power BI widget is still not visible.

By adding the building role as a dataHub reader alongside my customized role, it functions flawlessly.

Question related to a production (customer) instance

We need to check the permission to ensure only users allowed to read data from Cumulocity IoT DataHub can access the data in the dashboards.

The required permission should be the “read” one for “DataHub query”. Could you try to check this: