Access to Adabas using UDB-parm

Hi all,

our DDMs were generated with DBID=0. For access to different database the applications change the actual UDB by using the USR1040N. For returning back to start-database the UDB will set to 0 - we get the userdata of FUSER-DBID.

Now the problem:
Every database has its own Natural-Installation. We want to centralize the Natural-Installations. So the Userdatabase will not be the FUSER-DB.

Is there any possibility to solve the problem without changing hundreds of applications?

Thanks for help


JR, write a wrapper for USR1040N (call it USR1040W). USR1040W saves the current UDB value when called with a non zero UDB value and restores the saved UDB when called with zero UDB value (use a AIV +USR1040W#UDB defined in USR1040W for this purpose). All this by calling USR1040N. With scan/replace you only have to change USR1040N into USR1040W in all the using programs. And you can do it now! Before changing to your centralized FUSER.

Thanks for your advise, Wilfried.

It works fine.

I think there is no possibility to realize it without programming.