User Exit to change database number

I have an ADABAS 6.3.0 database running on a Unix server with dbid=40
I also have a mainframe system accessing an ADABAS 6.3.0 database on a different Unix server with dbid=209 through Entire Network 7.4.0

I would like to point the mainframe system Entire Network calls at the dbid=40 on the first server. For various reasons I can’t renumber either database or change the mainframe database number. I know I’m on old versions of Adabas and Entire Network , but I can’t see us upgrading either in the short term

As far as I can see my only option would be User Exits on either Entire Network on the Unix server or within Adabas to trap the dbid=209 and change it to dbid=40, but I’ve never used User Exits on either. Can anyone give me a hint on how to start or suggest any other ways I can achieve my aim?

What are you using on the mainframe to talk to Adabas ?
Direct call programs ?

If it’s Natural then it’s easy to switch the dbid there.

Hi Wolfgang,

The application on the mainframe is written in Natural, but we don’t have easy access to change that, plus there’s already a dbid=40 on the mainframe which would complicate things even further

In that case you’ll hit server2 with DBID=209, you’d switch the DBID in the user exit and then WCP would need to relay the call to server1.

Not sure if that’s gonna work …

Any chance you can set up a dummy db 209 on the first server so that WCP will hit the correct machine right away before you switch the dbid ?

Yes I can point Entire Network at the first server fairly easily. I was assuming I’d have to do that anyway. I’m sure I could set up another db209 on server 1 if necessary, but I was hoping to do it in an Entire Network User Exit if possible.

I’ve got a DB 040 on server 2 as well, so I could test any User Exit there before moving over to the live server

The purpose of the user exit is to populate one or more named pipes with data that is simultaneously read from by the load utility.