Access grant to Deployer

I am trying to achieve a solution where I can give access only of webMethods deployer to a certain user or group of users who can just do the deployment from one environment to another.

I don’t want these users to have access to any other administrative links that are available.

Please put some light on it.



Not sure if this is possible need to do a RnD :slight_smile:

In order to use WmDeployer we need administrator access.

Lets see what others say…

webM vir,

Please elaborate on what you mean by administrative links ?

  1. the ones available on IS admin page (like scheduler ,connections) , OR
  2. deployer page(like server,target groups, tools etc) OR
  3. Administration objects (like user,groups, ports) while creating Deployment set.

Namit Verma

Hello Namit,

My requirement is as follow.

I need to create access of WmDeployer so that user can directly login to WMDeplyer page.
and able to deploy.


You may need to create a custom ACL and assign it to the WmDeployer pages.

Please review the IS Administrator’s guide for configuring/handling ACL’s etc…and assigning access to the user level.



Have you achieved this? I also want to give access to User on Deployer only and not on Admin Consol of IS.

Kindly advise.


Hi Vipin,

please check the Deployer Users Guide for further informations.

When Deployer is installed on IS you will find a DeployerAdministrators ACL in the IS Admin UI.
Add the users (via local groups or MWS groups or roles (via CentralUsers Management) to this ACL who should only be able to use Deployer.

Point them to the following URL for directly accessing Deployer: