"Access Denied" using Service.invoke() in a thread

I’m seeing a really peculiar situation here.

I have a Java service, which creates a new thread, and within that thread, calls Service.invoke(). This works fine on our development environment.

In our test environment, with exactly the same code, Service.invoke() throws a ServiceException, “[ISS.0084.9004] Access Denied”.

I found a couple of knowledgebase articles on WM Advantage, indicating that other people had the same issue. In both cases, it seems that it “should” work, but that the customer found a workaround rather than a “proper” resolution.

We’re talking WM IS 6.5 on both systems.

Any ideas?

Check the ACL’s on bot the services, and ensure that the test bed server’s service ACL match that of your development server. Also ensure that any dependent packages/classes are available on you staging server and that your code does not reference any resource remotely.