Javaio Access is Denied error

I am using the same and is working fine for me. What I can suggest is to check the file…may be its only readonly in production.

Ajay Arora

no, that isn’t the problem. we have permissions to the directory and, btw, the file doesn’t exist yet…we’re creating it.

i have some new information, too. this is throwing an exception on any method we use which does does a security check. for example, we tried File.renameTo(target), File.createNewFile(), and FileOutputStream(target). all three of these use the SecurityManager.checkWrite(fileDescriptor) method, which is what is throwing the exception when it says we don’t have access permissions. does anyone know where the security manager is getting it’s information? how can i tell it that i have permissions? is it part of how i start up the webmethods server?

The java service you are trying to invoke will have as much access privilege as the account that started webMethods server. Please check that user has the access right to the directory you are trying to operate on.

Modify the following files under <java_home>/lib/security
It should be the same JVM that you are using for IS services. This JVM should have access right to handle file system.