Abstracting Azure provisioning via custom Self Service API/Portal?

Anyone know of any existing open source web service/API for abstracting Azure provisioning for non Admins before I run off and build something completely custom? Right now we have 3 Azure subscriptions for various services - Dev’s will come to us requesting 1-2 boxes to test/deploy for a few months.

We do all this “manually” (we have it automated via PowerShell) currently, but want to push more Self Service for Dev’s to request on their own without having additional access to the Azure Subscriptions - we may be adding AWS/GCE services and want to do the same level of abstraction for those services in a single pane.

My initial thought is an On Premise Web App that allows a Dev to log in and request 1-5 resources in either Sub A, B, or C, have an option to Restart/Delete the resource. Have the backend track ownership and life cycle of said resource as well as only displaying resources that user is owner of.

Workflow would be something like Web API => Azure Automation script => ARM Template

Anyone doing anything similar?

Hi Hall,
Can you please let us know which Software AG product you are trying to provision?


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