Azure DevOps and webMethods

Hello webMethods Experts,

Is there any documentation on how ot integrate and automate the building and deployment of the service of webMethods assets using Azure DevOps pipeline.

Hi Arpan,

You can execute Powershell scripts remotely on the build server where ABE and deployer are installed and orchestrate with Azure Devops. If your build server is hosted on a Azure Windows or Linux VM, then you can even use self hosted agents to connect to the build server and execute your scripts.


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Thank you for your response. It worked.

Where is the powershell to execute?

Hi Talreja,

The powershell scripts needs to be written in Azure DevOps site, but it needs to be executed in the system IS is installed. It could be on-premise server.
To add the on-premise server in Azure DevOps, you need to go to agent pools and click on New Agent. Follow the steps for installing agent.

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