Deploy IS package with Azure Pipeline Deploy Failure

Adding pipeline…yaml file

- master

  name: 'Default'

  SAG_Home: /home/viswa/Software-SAG
  SAG_CI_HOME: /home/viswa/softwares/sagdevops-ci-assets

  - stage: "Build"
      - job : "Build"
          - script: '$(SAG_HOME)/common/lib/ant/bin/ant -DSAGHome=$(SAG_HOME) -DSAG_CI_HOME=$(SAG_CI_HOME) -DprojectName=$(RELEASE_DEFINITIONNAME) build'
            workingDirectory: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)'
            displayName: 'Build'

  - stage: "Deploy"
      - job : "Deploy"
          - script: '$(SAG_HOME)/common/lib/ant/bin/ant -DSAGHome=$(SAG_HOME) -DSAG_CI_HOME=$(SAG_CI_HOME) -DprojectName=$(RELEASE_DEFINITIONNAME) deploy'
            workingDirectory: '$(System.DefaultWorkingDirectory)'
            displayName: 'Deploy'

Do you get any error messages? Please provide a full error message screenshot and log file.

2022-08-06T12:44:26.7939112Z      [exec] Creating Repository Indexes : aliasName = sagRepo
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7939559Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7940184Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:26,701] (
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7940920Z      [exec] Created Repository Indexes : aliasName = sagRepo
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7941367Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7941957Z      [exec] [ERROR] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:26,728] (
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7942758Z      [exec] No Repository Objects for the type * found on the Source Server Alias sagRepo
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7943263Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7943853Z      [exec] [ERROR] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:26,729] (
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7945210Z      [exec] Error adding asset * from sagRepo to the Deployment Set myDeploymentSet. The asset is not present on the source
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7946260Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7946893Z      [exec] [DEBUG] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:26,729] (
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7947791Z      [exec] Setting variable exitWithErrorCondition to true
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7948276Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7948901Z      [exec] [DEBUG] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:26,732] (
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7949580Z      [exec] Deleting Project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7949955Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7950749Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:26,744] (
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7951443Z      [exec] Creating Project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:26.7951878Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.0936564Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,052] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.0937368Z      [exec] Created Project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.0937757Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.0938294Z      [exec] [DEBUG] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,052] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.0939309Z      [exec] Creating Deployment Set myDeploymentSet of type Repository for project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.0939853Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.1942967Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,133] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.1944446Z      [exec] Created Deployment Set myDeploymentSet of type Repository for project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.1945201Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.1946012Z      [exec] [DEBUG] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,133] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.1947168Z      [exec] Updating Source Server Aliases on Deployment Set myDeploymentSet of type Repository for project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.1947901Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.2948628Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,271] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.2949642Z      [exec] Updated Source Server Aliases on Deployment Set myDeploymentSet of type Repository for project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.2950225Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.3953580Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,343] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.3954365Z      [exec] Creating Deployment Map myDeploymentMap in Project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.3954836Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4969942Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,396] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4970754Z      [exec] Successfully created Deployment Map myDeploymentMap in Project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4971278Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4971836Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,455] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4972638Z      [exec] Creating Deployment Candidate myDeployment with Deployment Map myDeploymentMap for project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4973228Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4973808Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,485] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4974671Z      [exec] Successfully created Deployment Candidate myDeployment with Deployment Map myDeploymentMap for project sag
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4975681Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4976326Z      [exec] [ERROR] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,485] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4977146Z      [exec] Deployment Test Suite exited with Errors. Please check the logs for further details
2022-08-06T12:44:27.4977670Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6739801Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,603] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6745279Z      [exec] Started Generating Report ... 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6745755Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6746316Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,603] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6746936Z      [exec] Info Messages Size = 17
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6747322Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6748227Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,604] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6748839Z      [exec] Error Messages Size = 2
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6749217Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6749759Z      [exec] [ INFO] [06 Aug 2022 18:14:27,628] (
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6750442Z      [exec] Generated Automation Test Suite Report file successfully.
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6750909Z      [exec] 
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6751518Z      [exec] Error Code = 25
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6805714Z BUILD FAILED
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6807232Z /home/viswa/azure-build-work/1/s/build.xml:30: The following error occurred while executing this line:
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6808721Z /home/viswa/softwares/sagdevops-ci-assets/buildDeployer.xml:92: exec returned: 25
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6809450Z Total time: 21 seconds
2022-08-06T12:44:27.6952805Z ##[error]Bash exited with code '1'.
2022-08-06T12:44:27.7026713Z ##[section]Finishing: Deploy
  1. Adding Some points - when I’m running only the build stage using the Azure pipeline, I can see the build logs

     [java] [10/8/22 5:36 PM][MESSAGE] ispackage.ispackage: Starting to read packages . 
     [java] [10/8/22 5:36 PM][MESSAGE] ispackage.ispackage: Completed all packages. 

     [echo] Integration Server Build complete...........


[createIndex] RepoIndexer is processing composite Fibonachi from composite file /home/viswa/azure-build-work/1/s/target/gsa/build/IS/Fibonachi.acdl


Total time: 17 seconds
Finishing: Build
  1. when I’m running the deploy stage from the azure pipeline above IS/Fibonachi.acdl directory did not exist /home/viswa/azure-build-work/_work/1/s/target/gsa/build in this path.
root@jenkins-master:/home/viswa# cd /home/viswa/Azure-Agent/_work/1/s/target/gsa/build/
root@jenkins-master:/home/viswa/azure-build-work/_work/1/s/target/gsa/build# ls -lrt
total 8
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 82 Aug 10 17:36 _index
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 82 Aug 10 17:36 _compositeIndex

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