About Unrecoverable timeout error

You are getting the timeout in pub.client:http

Can you connect to the same URL with a web browser, or ( If you are using request headers ) a test rig like JMeter?


So really thank you for your excellent reply.

You are right.
I connect Webmethods using the same URL with Web brower(IE).

Whether has more better way to connect to Webmethods?
Would you like to teach me?

Let me really thank again…

pub.client:http is the normal way to connect to a web server from within a webMethods service.

I ways trying to suggest that it would be useful to simulate what webMethods is trying to do with pub.client:http using another tool.

If you can open an IE web browser window on the SAME machine that your Integration Server is installed on, and then get a good response using the EXACT SAME URL, then it seems there is a problem in your input variables for the webMethods http service.

If the browser attempt fails, there is an issue outside of webMethods.

Sorry if this wasn’t clear.