About schedule control

Hi everyone,

I am posting here is to get some help from you regarding the schedule control.

On our webMethods,B2B and EAI are separate packages but on the same IS.It causes we need to set up many schedulers(120 +).

To manage the scheduler easier and reduce the quantity of the scheduler on IS,we try to use database table + local publish to control the schedule job.It means set up the schedule jobs on the table and scan this table frequently,select the schedule jobs and publish them,the corresponding service would be triggered and executed.

But it has problems time to time,it is said,webMethods support center,the local publish has a limited storage so sometimes the publishable documents blocked one the queues so that the scheduler didn’t get to run.

I want to know how do you think about the schedule control like this?Can you share some ideas to me if you have the same situation?How about to use doInvoke to replace the local publish here?

Thanks in advance!


With that many jobs you may want to consider an external scheduler such as AutoSys.

Hi Reamon,

Thanks for your quick reply.

I never heard about the AutoSys before.Could you please share some knowledge about how to integrate AutoSys with webMethods to me?



AutoSys is a product from CA that provides sophisticated job scheduling. Chances are your company already uses it or an equivalent. Typically these tools provide the ability to run command-line programs on a schedule but in the last few years they’ve added the ability to do HTTP POSTs and web service calls. It is via HTTP POSTs that you’ll be able to run your IS-hosted services on a scheduled basis.

UC4 is an equivalent tool that my currently client is using.


Autosys rocks !!

Thank you all for sharing,I will try the UC4 then.


I am facing an odd problem.

I have a flow service which invokes some others application’s web services through connectors, pull required data and insert/update it to target database. The flow was scheduled to run nightly and was working fine.

Now, when changed the schedule from nightly to hourly the flow does not work and does not insert/update data to target database. When run from within Developer, it again works :slight_smile:

Can somebody help me with what could be the problem and where should my check point be?



do you see any errors in logs related to the scheduler? provide screenshot of your scheduler configuration.