About java service import other package

I am trying to develop a java service which use some classes in other packages£¨etc. com.wm.pkg.art.transaction.ConnectionState in wmArt package£©.when a import the class, the Developer tell me that “cannot resolve symbol”. i know the compiler cann’t find the class.
My question is how to config to find the class.
i know a way may do it. just write the path with we needed classes in it to IntegrationServer\bin\bin.cnf. but the method will set the path as a global.
but i want to find and load the class when i use it.


You need to mark your package dependent on the other package you want to read classes from (WmART in this case).

– Tim

I used package dependencies to try access to classes
in other packages, but it didn’t work.
I am a newer, i want to know what’s your means of “mark”?

See chapter 3 in the Developer Users Guide. The Section is titled “identifying Package Dependencies”.

Thanks a lot