About java service import other package

I am trying to develop a java service which use some classes in other packages£¨etc. com.wm.pkg.art.transaction.ConnectionState in wmArt package£©.when a import the class, the Developer tell me that “cannot resolve symbol”. i know the compiler cann’t find the class.
My question is how to config to find the class.
i know a way may do it. just write the path with we needed classes in it to IntegrationServer\bin\bin.cnf. but the method will set the path as a global.
but i want to find and load the class when i use it.

Importing “com.wm.pkg.art.transaction” to your java services doesn’t work (on the shared tab of the developer)? Can you try with a wildcard (com.wm.pkg.art.transaction.*) rather than com.wm.pkg.art.transaction.ConnectionState just to see if that works. You might need the com.wm.pkg.art.transaction.ServiceListener class also.

But if that still doesn’t work, you can always execute the java services as they exist in the WmArt package. We do that today to provide status, enable/disable programatically, etc.