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Attached the document of screens which i need to develop using CAF, i have my webmethods server at client place, am knew to CAF Development,one thing i need to understand is it possible develop the attached screens in webapplication or portlet application,if yes which one is easy appliaction to develop the screens and need to use mywebmethods server, please suggest me on this, i didnot understood the diffrence between webapplication project and portlet application project.

anil kumar ellendula

Hi Anil,

I don’t see any attachments here ( or may be there is no option to see here )

am not able to attach document to this topic now , so please see the topic “Portlet requirement tool” which raised earlier.

anil kumar e

is it possible to deploy the webapplication in mywebmethods server

yes, you can deploy a web application to MWS as well.
The decision on developing a web application or portlet application depends on the portal functionality that you want to use in your application.
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thanks for reply, if i want to deploy webapplication in mws, where can i see the my webapplication in mws,if i deploy the portlet application ,in mws admin view in public folder i need to create a data in dataprovider for portlet application, what about webapplication,do i need to setup the environment,if yes how can i?

you should be able to access your web application pages like:

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