Portlet requirement tool

Hi All,

I have one requirement, PFA documents of UI Screens is it easy to develop the UI Screen portlets using CAF, the documets in viso files, please see screens of portlets developed in Edge Connector tool it has been developd by edge connector people for demonstration, if it is easy to develop in CAF application than my customer go for CAF, becz my client is webmethods product vendor.

Anil Kumar Ellendula

please any one sugeest me ASAP

Building those pages with CAF is possible. I cannot say that is “easy” because that is a subjective statement that depends on a lot of factors (functionality behind the screens, experience of the developers and designers,…).
But it shouldn’t be too difficult :wink:

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Hi Javier,

How we can pull the data from DB to Caf screen.
I have tried by creating DB connector but only headings are displaying. any other way is there.


you can write the DB Connector on IS with JDBC Adapter and provide a WebService to this for CAF connectivity.