a..Z Text - Raw property

I’ve a problem getting the value through CAF.model().getValue() method for a…Z Text control when the raw property is set to ‘true’.
The same doesnt happen when i set the property to ‘false’.

Can some one throw light on what is the significance of this property ?


Hi Sravan,

This is expected. When the ‘raw’ property of the output text control is set to true, then there is no client side model available for that control. This was done for a performance optimization as it was discovered that with large pages that contain lots of output text controls on the page, the overhead of running all the javascript needed to prepare the client-side model had a large impact on the performance of the page loading (especially in Internet Explorer).

Since the client-side model of output text controls was rarely used, we made the default value of the ‘raw’ property true since that was the most common usage pattern.

If you need client-side script access to an output text control, the correct remedy is to set the raw property to ‘false’.