a problem with automatic retry

Hi all,
I have a flow service invoked by a trigger (IS 6.5). This service is configured to retry on ISRuntimeException as described in webMethods documentation. Then if an error occurs during service execution, the concerned service will retry automatically.
The problem is that when I restart our IS I lose the actual retrying services. I mean that after the restart the flow service is on error and does not retry any more even if the maximum number of attempts is not reached.
Is it a normal beahviour ? Any solution to continue to retry after an IS restart ?
Thank you very much for your help
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Do you have exactly once processing turned on? The docs say if this is turned on and you are not using the documents history database then it considers the transaction in doubt and will not process it after an IS restart.

But other than that it should attempt to reprocess.

What is this processing turned on? How can we do that?
So do we need to have that DocHistory pool configured to get that retries working even after restart.


Thank you very much for your answer.
I think that you mean duplicates detection that we can activate in the trigger parameters. If it is the case, I checked that and we don’t have it on. Any other suggestions ?

I would open up a service request with webMethods. That’s not what’s suppose to happen. Is your server shutting down gracefully while executing that thread?

Yes it is a normal restart. Thank you a lot for your help. I’ll send a service request to webMethods.