A few pointers for replicating from Mainframe Adabas to Terracotta

Data Transfer for Initial State processing

  • In order to speed up the processing time by a factor of many percent use the following options :
    • On the mainframe ADARIS unload job with SAGTRGB option.
    • On the ART server use the new binary bulk loader option to Terracotta.(will be available in the ART 3.3 release)
  • Take into account the following :
    • In order to limit the amount of data transferred from the Mainframe one may use a filter on MF subscription. This filter is processed during the initial state via ADARIS and only the filtered records are output to the ART file.
      • One may even have a separate subscription specifically for the filter processing during initial state.

EntireX processing

  • Use Single Conversation mode (defined on the destination as well as a checkbox in ART)

Universal Messaging

  • We were able to write directly from ART to UM & did not need WM components installed. 

Hopefully these are a few important tips that can save you time in the future.

This document is a work in progress and I invite further input from the community.