ADABAS migration to Tamino

We need to migrate ADABAS data from OS/390 to Tamino Server on AIX and we haven’t a strong experience in these technologies.

I am interested to know if there are guidelines, tools, suggestions to unload data and convert in XML format so that they can be reloaded to Tamino.
Please share info or any documents if you have. Thank You.


Are you looking for a one-time migration or an ongoing replication? Do you have Natural on your mainframe? If not, what tools do you typically use to access Adabas data?

excuse me for my absence on the forum…the problem still remain the same… ok, I am looking for a one-time migration, and we have natural.

We have started unloading adabas tables on flat file.
Then the idea is to transfer the data on another platform (PC, AIX, ecc…) and create some programs to convert the txt files in xml files (that would be the input to Tamino).

Is there some utility on Tamino Server that could help us?
Thank you

I’d probably change the Natural programs that output text files to one that pushes the documents straight to Tamino using the REQUEST DOCUMENT statement.

Otherwise, if you just want to load the text/xml documents, use the Tamino Loader. For small quantities, the Tamino Interactive Interface will work fine.

You might also look into the Adabas SOA gateway. This product exposes your Adabas files as XML documents, so you could set up a fairly simple script to read the data from the gateway and then store it in Tamino.