9.8 to 9.12 upgradation

HI All,

We are planning to upgrade from webMethods 9.8 to 9.12.
I’m new to this upgrade concept and would need help in this.
I would like to know, the procedure/process to upgrade and whom should we contact for software purchase etc details.
we have 5 IS and JDBC Adapter,Broker,MWS,UM,clusterenvironment, which new wM 9.12 should be installed.

Is there any pre-requisites before going for upgrade.

Please advise on this and share the doc’s as well if possible.


Hi Prasad,

please have a look at the following Docs:

  • Supported_Upgrade_Paths_for_Software_AG_Products
  • Upgrading_webMethods_Products
  • System_Requirements
  • webMethods_Adapters_System_Requirements

Which version of JDBC Adapter are you currently using? 6.5 or 9.0?
Latest version available is 9.10.

You will only require new license files, no need for any purchase.

Please have a look at the ReleaseNotes, Readmes and Built-In-Services Guides for your products to find out about the changed and deprecated services.

Before starting the Upgrade you should apply latest Fixes to current environments, make sure that all is working and then backup your old environments (incl. database schemes).