8 Error - license expired - DATE: 2021/05/31

Today I have downloaded and installed Natural One 9.1.2 CE on Ubuntu 18.04.
When I open HELLO-P.NSP file, I get an error message saying: 8 Error - license expired - DATE: 2021/05/31. See the attached screen.
How can I fix this error?.
Thank you.

Hi Angel,

most likely you should either check for a newer version of Natural with a newer license file or check for a newer license file for Natural 9.1.2.


Hello Angel,

Did you download from this link?

Adabas & Natural CE for Docker Download - News - Software AG Tech Community & Forums


Hello Angel,

You are correct, there is an issue with the license file for Linux, we will work to fix it.
Please send me email and I will send you back a new license file,


Hello there,
After update the license file, I have finally been able to run the HELLO-P.NSP program.
Thanks for your support.
Greetings Angel

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