8.0.1 SP1 HW requirements


I have gone through the documentation and can’t see any major changes in the HW requirements between the 7.x release and 8.x release. Except for Optimize which now has doubled it’s reccomended memory requirements.

The installation that is about to be upgraded allready has some memory issues and I would of preferred new hardware for the upgrade. But that was denied :frowning:

Has anyone got some experience to share.
Did you notice higher / lower memory usage?

I am not sure if i got you here, but regarding your other query Memory consumption is pretty much the same but memory ulilisation/optimization depends upon the JVM you are using… if you are 1.6 it has the better memory management than the previous versions.

The point I was trying to make is that we are already at the limit of what I can squeeze out of the hardware. And now the client wants to upgrade to V 8.x on the existing hardware.

We currently use JVM 1.5 the one shipped with wM 7.1.1 as you pointed out wM 8 is shipped with JVM 1.6- this could help.

Will of course test this before we upgrade production…

Thank you for the reply.

My question is related to Hardware Requirements, a bit different from above.

I need to know how much disk space will the database occupy, or is needed for it.
For my scenario, there are loads of transactions and also many records. Also, recommend a stable database, which can be used for it.


Disk space:3G(Part core module install only for webmethods)
Database:At least Oracle10G or SQL Server2008
Server Memory:8G
Server OS:Windows 64 Bit Enterprise Edition


Actually I need the disk space requirements for the Database, which will be used by webM 8.0.
As mentioned before, there are huge number of transactions flowing.