7z Compression Technology

I need to implement 7z compression Technolgy.

This means tbeing inserted hat every XML envelope and/or document that we store in our database tables must be compressed using 7z compression technology b4 being inserted into the DB table, and after extracting any doc from database table, its content must be decompressed also using 7z Compression technology.

If anybody developed 7z Compression technolgy, can u forward the flow. or screenshot here.


You would need to implement a Java service using 7z SDK http://www.7-zip.org/sdk.html

I need to develop the java service for 7z inwebMethods…
can u provide.

1.jar file that supports 7z implementation

  1. Java service for zip & unzip.

Its very necessary …i appreciate a lot if anybody helps


Do a search of the web for “java 7z” and you’ll find info about getting a JAR file.

Unless someone has already done the services to expose 7z compression and is able/willing to share, you’ll probably need to write the services yourself.