7.1 Archive not work?

I am trying to delete process instances in MWS so that I can delete the process. After I clicked the Delete Only button, it tells me to check back later. But nother seem to happen. I check all the database objects and find 2 triggers invalid: [SIZE=2]CCSLGCLSRVR_RID

because a view or table that is reference [SIZE=2]
CCS_ENV_CNF_ASSIGNMENT, does not exist.

No error was detected when running DB Configurator to create the db objects. Can anybody tell why Archive is not working and if the 2 invalid objects are ok?



try to install Monitor_7-1_Fix1. it’s fixing wrong behaviour by archiving. it can help.


iengca, I’m aware that this message is old, but I figured that it might be worth placing extra info related to the issue for future users. Note these instructions are for 7.1.x users only.

In the MWS tablespaces tables and indexes starting with CCS are related to the central configurator. These tables are create by the MWS the first time it starts up.
If you are getting invalid objects because the central configurator’s tables or indexes are missing then we need to create those tables & indexes.

  1. Stop all MWS instances that use this data pool
  2. Back up the MWS file system and table spaces
  3. Drop all tables like CCS_%
  4. Drop all indexes like CCS%
  5. Restart one of the MWS
  6. After the MWS is completely started then start the others.

The MWS will automatically recreate the Central Configurators tables and indexes on startup. Note, you may need to setup your O4P and O4I in the central configurator, but shouldn’t have to push the configurations.

I had an issue similar to this and these are the instruction that support gave me. Also there is an article in the advantage knowledge base, which I’m currently locked out of :(.