7.1.3 Integration Server doesnt recognize patterns in XSD

Hi All

We have an XSD which contains the following pattern or restriction for one of the string fileds ([1-9]|1[0-1]).

I am trying to publish the document which is created from the above XSD to the broker ,but whenever the value of the field is greater than 9,then the publish service is failing with the below mentioned error

errorCode=DT-012 errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9469] Value does not match

I suspect webmethods is not able to read or understand the second condition in the pattern and hence its always failing when the value is greater than 9.

The same expression works successfully in java so there don’t seem to be
any issue with the expression as such.

Have any of faced this issue and please suggest what fix used to resolve this issue.

Please find our current patch level.


Thanks in advance


Your regex fails in xml schema mode in regex buddy.

Java regex and xml regex have different syntax.

This might work: (1[0-1])|([1-9])

Also important to note webMethods Broker is not Java based, it’s C. It has a Java API but the core is C.

As a design note, best to leave out of the XML schema the enforcement patterns and leave that up to the business rules. Interop issues almost always occur the more complex the XML schema becomes. It can also potentially hamper reuse.