7.1.2 Designer "Build All" option inactive

I am seeing a peculiar behavior in Designer 7.1.2 and 7.1.1, where the “Build All” option is disable and I am clueless why is it so. The logical server and process audit database connection status in designer>Windows>Preference is enable and successful. Logical server name in designer and remote server configuration in IS is identical. Technically this should be enough to connect designer with Process Engine to make the build option available for me.
Is there is any additional configuration change I need to do in order to enable the “Build All” option in designer ?

looks like “Build Automatically” option is selected. Unchecking it will let other options to be enabled including “Build All”.

Good observation. Build Automatically is not checked but still the “build all” is not operational.

did you test the connectivity to process audit database from designer? Are you able to connect?

Following are the test result:

  1. Process audit database: Successfully connected to the database
  2. Logical Servers : Green with connected status
  3. Logical server name in Designer and IS is identical.
  4. Metadata Library: I have it in “Disable Metadata Library Connection” as checked.
  5. IS Admin ProcessAudit connection pool has been established and “Test of ProcessAudit successful”.

When you select/highlight a project, what options are active in project tab of the designer?

It is “Build Automatically” and “Build Workingset”. Rest everything is disabled.

Is “Build Automatically” checked/Active?

I am maintaining a consistency in configuration to make sure “Build Automatically” is always unchecked. This is active though.
What I have found out that “Advanced Process Development” in Designer->Windows->Preference->Capabilities is not at all available. I have only 3 options available and they are 1. Development 2.Other 3.WebMServer. That seems to be the root cause of the problem that I am experiencing. Any clue to why that checkList item is not appearing will be helpful.

Also I would like to know if “WmTaskClient” IS-package comes as part of deault IS, MWS installation and could it be the reason why designer is behaving such a weird manner. I am not sure, why this package did not get installed as part of default installation?

I have come to a intermeidiate solution to the problem by going from 7.1.2 to 7.2. I could not find any option other than “Build All” option in 7.1.2. However, in 7.2 I found a “Build and upload for execution” under File menu that did resolve my issue.

You mean to say, there is no “Build and upload for execution” option in 7.1?

At least I did not find it. I was under the impression that “Build All” is the option that could be used for build and uploading the model in 7.1.2 but could not come out of any final conclusion on the same, based on my experience for last 3-4 days.