61 vs 65

Can someone throw some light on the major difference between 6.1 & 6.5 versions ?. I was reading thru the documentation, apart from some minor differences I do not see any major change in the way we architect/design/code the integrations. Are there any real improvements in terms of performance especially TN, Broker ?

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Broker 6.5 contains major improvements in the performance of both the core Broker and BrokerJMS. Broker got faster, BrokerJMS got tremendously faster. BrokerJMS got message priorities which has been in the core Broker since the stone age.

One day, IS 6.5 will get an add-on that will enable Developer to check-in / out directly from many version control systems (VCS). No support (yet) for Java JDK/JRE 1.5, yet.

ServiceNet 6.5 will contain support for WS-Security, UDDI V3, Soap 1.2 and, I think, SAML.

No major changes to Developer, AFAIK.




Also they have added some additional enhancements/functionalities on the TN/EDIModule/FF processing prospective…in IS/EDI/TN6.5

There is a big list compared which are not there in 6.1 in TN6.5 release.Please check it in Advantage site.


There’s the XSL transformations stuff that’s new… Although it’s somewhat sad to see it, with all the beautiful syntax highlighting, line numbering only to see that java services are still the same dodgy textbox.

Deployer’s got a bit more functionality. I ended up grabbing 6.5 to use on a 6.1 instance to get it deploying some new things like broker and workflow bits and pieces.

There’s the safe mode startup stuff, think that’s new in 6.5… There’s some sort of diagnostic port concept that will operate separately from server threads (I think in case all the threads are used so you can still see what’s going on… or to not affect the number of threads getting used or something).

SFTP support too, haven’t yet had a chance to play, but have some customers who will find this useful when they get a chance.

Trigger throttling and disabling per trigger via the web interface was one thing I found tucked away under resources in the webadmin.

I recall that the adapter stuff had a bunch of changes including being able to feed in the name of the connection to use and use polling notifications properly in a cluster.

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