Differences between 46 and 61

Can you please list some differences between webmethods 46 and webmethods 61. So far I learnt 61 is more stable and performance of 61 is better than 46. Anything else…


The difference = 15

:happy: THanks. Can you also please tell the differences between different components in webmethod4.6 and webmethod6.1.


It’s been awhile since this question was asked and answered here, but here are a few differences:

  • WmDB superceded by JDBC Adapter. Yes, WmDB has not been deprecated (yet). No, don’t use it.
  • “Native” connectivity between broker and IS improving speed and reliability
  • IS triggers subscribe to broker documents to invoke IS services
  • Entirely new Adapter Runtime (WmART) upon which all 6.x adapters are built. New WmART provides consistent logging, improved connection polling, etc.
  • Improved Devleoper “IDE” allows adapter services and adapter notifications to be created in Developer not generated from Administrator
  • Java services text window remains woefully inadequate
  • Developer 6.5 adds XSLT stylesheet text window and XSLT “services”
  • Version control systems still not supported in Developer or IS
  • Web services functionality is IS 6.x virtually identical with web services functionality in IS 4.6 with the exception of a bunch of bug fixes
  • IS 6.5 ships with the 1.4 JRE (both IBM and Sun on Windows)
  • Broker supported on Linux o/s in 6.1 and later
  • BrokerJMS supports JMS 1.0.2b API
  • Visual/Enterprise Integrator no longer needed to edit event types, client groups or to code integration business logic
  • WmBrokerAdmin web-based tool used to manage broker config



Thanks…for the detailed reply.


Mark, You forgot the mainframe adapter. In the 4.6 architecture, the mainframe adapter had to be run on Windows. With 6.0, you could install it on Unix. In the last few months, Neon Shadow has been recommended as a replacement for the webMethods Mainframe adapter. There are 50-60 companies that have the webMethods mainframe adapter and as they upgrade to 6.x, many of them are looking at using Neon Shadow for mainframe SOA.

6.x represents the native inclusion of the Broker into the Integration Server architecture. They also rewrote logging procedures and introduced the JDBC adapter with the intention of replacing WmDB.

There are far too many differences between the two for me to list them here. The best thing to do is research the history of the application on Advantage and read through the release notes beginning with the old stuff.